Madlé Design
Inge Madlé works as independent designer and engraver. Her company, Madlé Design, is based in the Netherlands and is specialized in design, intaglio and security integration for a wide range of security design and intaglio (print) projects such as banknotes, stamps, coins and other (high) security documents.

Madlé Design is crucial for processes on the conceptual and visual levels and forms the connection between the customer and the security printer and/or the currency supplier. Madlé Design is available for projects and/or collaboration in the field of Security Design, Intaglio Design, Design Support and Graphic Design. What sets Madlé Design apart is the knowledge of and its experience with complex techniques. Madlé Design is an independent partner with pure focus on design and security integration results from scratch in authentic, functional, secured and custom-made designs.
Madlé Design has experience in working for as well as collaborating with in-house teams of employers such as national/ central Banks, governments, security printers and suppliers, postal agencies and mint houses.